Our Services include

  • Pre-sales Services

    • Site visit for inspection and to understand customer requirements
    • Design customized solar system and quote
  • Installation and Commissioning

    • On confirmation of the order, detailed design and customized assembly is done. Customer is intimated a mutually agreed time for site work
    • Delivery team ensures door delivery of all required materials of the solar system
    • Installation is done by our solar engineers and trained technicians
    • On completion of installation and commissioning, explanation is provided and instructions are given by solar engineers
    • Customer gets the invoice along warranty document.
  • After-sales services

    For Jeevaditya’s solar systems

    • During free AMC period, Jeevaditya engineers conduct regular service and monitor the system
    • AMC renewal or multi-year AMC options are available for the customer
    • For systems with free or paid AMC, Jeevaditya provides service at nominal charges to its customers
  • For Solar Systems from third parties

    Jeevaditya also provides service/AMC for solar system from other companies

    • Detection and rectification design and/or installation issues
    • Solar power system repair services
    • Preventive maintenance of solar power system
    • AMC services depending on the customer interest

Customer Delight

The commissioning of solar system is the beginning of the long-lasting relationship. Some minimum maintenance procedures and system monitoring needs to be done so that customers leverage maximum benefits from the system while ensuring long-life for the same. Jeevaditya maintains a database of its systems and constantly analyzes the same. Suggestions are given to customers based on such analyses.

After the free Annual-Maintenance-Contract (AMC) period, most of our customers opt for paid AMC being delighted with the AMC benefits. Some of our customers have also requested us for longer contracts upto 5 years (Cumulative-Maintenance-Contracts) and taken the same. Our AMC’s are becoming popular beyond our customers as well. Customers of third party systems (not Jeevaditya systems) have constantly been approaching us for rectification of their systems and maintenance.