Solar Power for Villas

Solar power for Villas

Villas provide independent living experience and above all have there own clear roofs. And, given that there are no high raise buildings nearby, the roof area gets good sunshine without much shadow from nearby buildings. Covering the roof area with solar panels produces power and also reduces the heat on the roof which cools the Villa. The solar panels can be put with low-rise structures or high-rise structure as needed. The high-rise structures makes the roof available for other uses by the residents.

For example, a 1KW solar system can be put in about 100 sq.ft area on roof. Jeevaditya’s 1KW off-grid system can reduce the EB bill by upto ~60% while providing 24/7 power (2BHK Villa). And, Jeevaditya’s 3KW on-grid system can bring the bill down to NIL (3BHK Villa). Both the above are real-life examples from Jeevaditya’s customers. All these benefits and suitability makes solar power systems a popular choice with Villa developers and also Villa owners.

Solar Power for Appartments